It’s your first time in France, and getting used to the university in french is already a challenge.
In order to get sure that everything will be fine, we can take care of you.

Student in Montpellier

study in montpellier

– advice for the accomodation: the best places and the ones that are to be avoided.

– opening of a bank account with our partner.

– contract with the electricity company.

– contract with the internet service provider (this includes the telephone with free communications over 120 countries)

– CAF file: in France, there is a financial help which can be about 200€ per month for students, wherever they come from. The sooner it is done, the better.

– house insurance: it’s mandatory for the tenant to have a basic insurance. The price range is between 60€ and 80€ per year for a one-room flat.

– public transportation card: this is optional as one can choose to use the bicycle in the sunny city of Montpellier. The annual price is 196€ and allows to use all the tramway and bus network.

-Healthcare: the social security is included in the student’s fees. They can choose then a supplementary health insurances for an annual cost between 70€ and 620€.
In some medical centers, students who have the basic social security and a student supplementary insurance don’t need to pay at all: the insurance pays directly. Quite useful for students.